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Tips To Choose The Right Month For Your Wedding 

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Your wedding is one of the unforgettable days in your life. So choosing the right date for your wedding is more important to make it memorable for you and your guests. While availability of your preferred wedding reception venues in Sydney and the key suppliers are the main source of decision making of your wedding date, you need to have some idea of the different seasons that helps you to set the right date for your wedding. If you are wondering how to choose your wedding date, you can looking into the cons and pros of each season in Australia and decide your wedding date. 

Winter (June – August)


  • Surprisingly, July has the lowest average rainfall for the year!
  • Chilly weather creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere for weddings.
  • Sydney winter times perfectly with European summer. How about a honeymoon in Greece or Italy?


  • Chilly weather means you’ll likely need a jacket or a shawl.
  • There are less floral options; however Australian varieties are still in bloom.

Autumn (March – May)


  • The perfect seasons for outdoor weddings, not too hot or too cold.
  • Autumn weather is fairly reliable. Long, mild evenings are highly frequent.


  • Like spring, autumn is highly popular for weddings, making it hard to book all your preferred suppliers and Sydney wedding venue for the same date.
  • The risk of rain is highest in March! Make sure you plan for a wet weather option.

Summer (December – February)


  • Plenty of floral options for your bouquet and decorations 
  • Warm summer nights makes outdoor receptions in a Sydney wedding venue an attractive option.
  • Extended daylight hours means makes for extended celebrations and plenty of flexibility.


  • Super sunny days are not ideal for photos. Lighting for photo is best on cloudy days.
  • Summer in Sydney can be graced with temperatures above 40°C. Black tie dress can be particularly uncomfortable in this sort of weather.

Spring (September – November)


  • Most flower varieties are blooming in spring. Peonies, roses, tulips, calla lilies and the list go’s on.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables are in season, which is ideal for a fresh menu 
  • Mild weather with average highs around 18°C. The weather is cool but us usually very pleasant and sunny.


  • It also means some of your favourite suppliers will likely be booked out, so you will need to plan very far in advance.
  • It’s peak wedding season. This means prices will be at their highest.

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