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Bridal Beauty – Your Head-To-Toe Prep Guide

Preparing for your wedding takes months. You will spend the better part of your year planning, touring, making appointments, tasting, and deciding on your theme, decor, and menu. Your gown and the...

Wedding Favours: Things to Consider When Choosing It

There are numerous things that one needs to complete on a wedding ceremony. These can be your table crystals used for decorations or a wedding invitee book or wedding favours. These are some of the...

Where to Go for a Bridal Gown – Luv Bridal and Formal of Course

  Luv Bridal and Formal welcomes any soon to be bride to visit their showrooms any time to start looking for their bridal gown. However, they do advisethat it is probably best to book an...

6 Relationship Advice for New Couples

Being in a new relationship is something that gives you an exciting and ecstatic feeling. You feel like you’re always happy and in a good mood, and that nothing can ever ruin your day. You feel an...